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Blason prestige Limousin beef

Blason prestige Limousin beef

25,50 €
Sirloin steak
22,00 €
Prepared beef tartare
15,80 €
17,00 €
Limousin burger
16,80 €
Sauces : roquefort or green pepper Accompaniments  : homemade fries and green salad
Discover the culinary chef

Vincent Graffeuil

His grandparents transmitted to Vincent Graffeuil the taste of good food. “They cooked very well, that’s what awakened my taste buds at the time”. And which made the little goumet want to become a great chef “I liked this enviroment, so I directed my studies towards the kitchen”.

​Culinary journey

Vincent Graffeuil did an apprenticeship at the lycée Jean Monnet. It will be alongside the chef Pascal Robert, at <L’Amphitryon>, located in the butcher’s quartier in Limoges. In 1995, Vincent Graffeuil was a general’s cook at the commander’s hotel, place Jourdan. He will spend the following year in the kitchens of in Paris, before returning to <L’Amphitryon> to occupy the position of second.

Avenue du golf since 2005

The chef Vincent Graffeuil finally settles in the kitchens if the restaurant Limoges in 2005, till today. A menu that strives to follow seasonal products in the heart of the green.

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